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Network Engineer/Administrator Edison


Network Engineer/Administrator Edison:

Responsible for 24/7 network and disaster recovery operation which includes new builds, maintenance, and configuration of servers, routers (Adtran), Firewalls (Barracuda), switches, print servers, wifi devices (Aruba), Microsoft security patches and upgrades to troubleshoot connectivity issues through completion Backups and Restore using Arc serve or comparable, Fortinet firewall and VPN, Reqd Experience in TCP/IP protocol suite and OSI Model, implementation of DNS and DHCP protocols. networking features such as Networking (firewall, dnsetc), web technologies (XML, HTTP, ASP, SQL, Perl) and technical skill in VB, VBScript, Java Script Unix / Linux, Excellent technical and project management skills combined with strong communication skills. Diagnose problems. This job is available to work from home or remote location

Education and Experience Requirements:

Master’s degree in Comp Sci (any), Engg (any) MBA (any) or Bachelor’s degree (any) )with five years’ experience in the job or related field  and/or any suitable combination of education, training or work experience is acceptable