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Software Engineer/Developer

Develop new technical solutions using standard tools, platforms, and methodologies as needed. Ensure that all technical solutions comply with controls. Gather and analyze detailed business requirements Estimation of development efforts.  Develop, model, and maintain complex relational MS SQL databases using Entity Framework. Develop custom features in Visual Studio based on specifications and technical designs. Provide direction on the best web development, application, and testing frameworks to leverage for implementing the required designs. Create server-side functionality using object oriented design principles. Contribute to performance and load testing procedures and issue remediation. Design, implement, review, repair, and improve Existing Code Skills Required Java, C++, Visual Basic, Oracle, Linux and .NET. C#, vb.net, MVC, MS SQL Server, This job is available to work from home or remote location


Education and Experience Requirements
Master’s degree in Comp Sci (any) Engg (any) MBA (any) or as an alternative Bachelor’s degree (any) with 5 years’ experience and/or any suitable combination of education, training or work experience